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How to provide your company with the best business intelligence support? 

Recent research shows that companies are investing more and more in data & analytics in the broadest sense, but still, there is a lack of feeling that this translates into business success. This is because there is a really long way from a company that analyses data in Excel to a real data-driven company. 

Companies that have already implemented a business intelligence system and have fairly well-organized reporting note that this is not enough to truly become a data-managed organization. 

What is missing?

Often, the implementation of BI in a company is limited to one department or key people, there is a lack of implementation in individual teams and there is a lack of continuous training of employees and encouraging them to use the tool every day. 

Another challenge is team building and turnover of employees, who often change jobs, tempted by better salaries. 

Is it better to bet on outscoring the BI department or building internal competencies within the team? 

Building internal competencies is a great idea because a vibrant inner BI team can handle much of the analytics demand in a company. Team champions can organize meetings and encourage more teams to analyze data on a daily basis, and this help drives the adoption of business intelligence across the organization. It is crucial that the team is motivated by a clearly defined career path and attractive training that allows for continuous development. 

Outscoring the BI department also has many advantages and can solve many problems. It will work well when we need the best competence in a particular project, and we do not want to hire such a person permanently due to lack of continuous demand or high employment costs. 

Furthermore, if you hire a person for the BI department, you get the knowledge and expertise of that person alone. If you hire a company, you get the expertise of a team with decades or more of collective knowledge, certifications, and experience. This usually makes implementing activities or resolving problems faster and more efficient than if the company relied on individuals. 

Final thoughts

In our experience, the hybrid model works best. That’s when about 30% of the work is done by an in-house team of analysts and 70% by an external company that provides training, SLA support (BI server administration management), solves more complex problems, and provides people for shorter projects or when we simply can’t find them among the people applying to our company. 

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